Why Digital Marketing Is Important?

Digital marketing is one of the key buzzwords in business today. Traditional companies also using digital marketing techniques to engage consumers and drive brand conversation on various digital channels, ranging from email to social media or mobile applications. There are different ways of doing digital marketing. We need to analyze product before preparing digital marketing strategy. This includes nature of product, service, budget, target market, geography, location, legal formalities etc.

We have incorporated all this aspects in our courses. We have different levels of courses for various categories. Good mixing of field sales experience with appropriate knowledge of digital tools, we have designed course curriculum. We are expecting to offer training to students, sales engineers, entrepreneurs, marketing executives, presales team members. For experienced resources in sales and marketing, we have customized courses which help then in generating more leads for their products or services. We design course with taking inputs from them and make sure they will get benefits into day to day activities.

With 31% year-on year increase and an online population of 73.9 million, India is now the world’s third largest internet population. Besides, online retail in India is on rise as 60% percent of web users in the country visit online retail sites. To maintain this , lots of digital marketing experts are required. Also increment in global challenges ,pushing entrepreneur to get into cost effective solutions. All these factors including a number of other factors account for a growing digital marketing industry in India. In fact when all other industries are struggling with 10 to 12 %, digital marketing industry is booming high with 30% growth rate. The country requires lacs of skilled digital marketing professionals at present and in future too. Depending upon the current trends and market scenario, it is expected that things will only get bigger and better for digital marketing in the coming time. To ride on this wave, DigitalGuru came on various courses which are tailor made and catering to exact need of industry.